we build powerful yet easy to use shopify apps that help you selling more


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Plug and Play

We build Apps that you can use instantly without having to deal with complicated installations. Our Apps can be installed on a per theme basis and are smart enough to add the required code automatically.

Easy to use

Our Apps are designed with simplicity in mind and, in case you need any help, our support team will be glad to assist you.

Premium Support

Supporting you is our priority. Our support team answers all your questions in between 24 hours and makes sure that any issues are resolved quickly and accurately.

Our Themes


our first theme... more information soon.

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Our Apps


langify is, by far, the best-rated and most used translation app in the shopify app store. langify allows you to reach new customers by translating your store into mulitple languages.

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geolizr helps you targeting your customers based on their location. Show prices in your customer's local currency, display country specific messages or do some custom development using the geolizr API

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The 404 page causes loss of customers without you even noticing and, as statistics show, most of the visitors following a bad link to your shop would not continue their search.

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internalional customers expect and international trade requires your shop to be automatically presented in your customers language or the possibility to choose the customers prefered language

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Custom Development

We know the shopify API and template language inside out and can help you developing custom solutions for your shopify store.

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